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Aug 31, 2023

Sophie hadn’t been feeling well and allowed herself to completely rest for a while - physically and mentally. 


She emphasizes that we have to let go of expectations - the musts we created for ourselves.


Marianne shares that she is having a hard time with letting go of projects she has invested a lot of time in even though they aren’t fun anymore.

An example is her Daily Writing Prompt, which she had published for well over 2000 days on a Social Media Platform called Hive. (The Daily Prompt is still being published if you want to join the writing fun.) 


Sophie: It takes a while to get clarity and make a decision, but implementing the decision can be very fast.


Sometimes, we also can be clear on what we want but don’t know how to best reach our goals.


Sophie wants to build an intentional community based on kindness and similar interests but does not know where to start.


Our podcast is one tool to create such a community and we are hoping to utilize Patreon as a platform to host virtual get-togethers.


We are discussing how often are we doing things because we truly want to or because we perceive that it is expected of us.


Sophie attends a weekly meditation group. They pick a monthly topic to meditate on. The theme of this month is death - that really seems to be on our minds right now.


While some are contemplating physical death, others the death of an idea or circumstance in life, all agree that if we want a peaceful death, it is essential to be mindful in our daily lives.


We have some homework for you:

  • Write down what no longer serves you.
  • What kind of courage it will take to let go?


  • Reflect on how you show up in the world.
  • What do you like about it? 
  • What do you not like?

Please share your thoughts with us.

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Sophie & Marianne