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Jan 31, 2024

Learn something new no matter your age.


Sophie’s friend had a drum and it was love at first sight.

Before you know it, Sophie also had a drum.


This is the story of a girl and her drum lol


After exploring the usual channels we learn these days - YouTube and other internet resources, Sophie decided to find a teacher.


As with everything, practice is the most important way to improvement. But a drum is loud and when your partner works from home, other places must be found to get the daily 15 minutes of practice in.


Where there is a will - there is a way. 


Marianne shared how she made a drum many years ago, and you will hear that drum while she tells you about it.

Then, we get into the joys of knitting and how Ravelry changed her knitting life forever - and for the better.


We talk about the different positive impacts of knitting - it can be a mindless activity to keep the hands busy and the mind free to concentrate on a lecture, or anything we want to take in - or, it can be a complicated thing that requires our full attention.


Sophie and Marianne’s Yoga teacher Sashi always said that any activity can be a meditation as long as we fully concentrate on what we are doing.


Sophie points out the similarities of such different activities as drumming and knitting.


Having a passion is very important in our lives and gives us a feeling of wholeness.


Sophie’s recipe to open yourself to new experiences. Anything you are interested in and have thought or are thinking now that it is too complicated - just add to the end of the thought - until now.


Now, it is different, and the new thought can be, let’s give it a try.

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Sophie & Marianne