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Jul 31, 2023

Marianne feels reflective and a little sad that so many things she has worked for are still the same - nothing has changed. She is questioning if it is a function of getting older to question if what we have done with our lives was a big waste of time.

Sophie responds with the example of raising children. That we try our best and are coming from a place of love - but we can’t control the outcomes.

She gives the example of doing her best to raise her children with a healthy diet. She feels that she did a good job when she sees her oldest son cooking for himself and making good food choices.

Marianne comes back to her favorite topic - the environment and the impact of our actions. She quotes some numbers from memory but is not certain about the accuracy.

One thing she is sure about. The population of the US consumes way more than any European Country, which consumes way more than any less industrialized country.

Here is an interesting links

US Environmental Footprint Fact Sheet:

That led to Marianne’s other - or related pet peeve topic. Amazon and the out-of-control consumerism that supports one person getting very rich who does not spread the wealth to his employees.

Sophie relates how difficult it is to escape the unnecessary packaging of just about every item we buy.

We dive deep into our feeling around that subject and are probably depressing each other a bit.

One of Sophie’s suggestions is to seek a positive News source on days when the world seems a bit bleak.

While we touch on many subjects, don’t worry, not all are depressing.

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