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Apr 8, 2024

Hope and Fear

Quote by Maya Angelou: “Hope and Fear can not occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.”


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Sophie asked Marianne why this quote is resonating with her at this time.


Marianne speaks about her feelings and fear regarding the climate crisis, which is manifesting in many unusual and often dangerous weather events, and her anger that most everyone doesn’t seem to care.


Sophie shares that she saw an almost identical quote in a book about Ayurveda she recently read.


Sophie emphasizes that we can only impact the present moment and need to do the best we can without any expectations.


We touch on many examples of how behavior impacts others. How to deal with it - or not.

Quite a few times, we disagree as well.


Many topics SoMa are touching on in this conversation were also explored in depth in this episode: Find Good News


Sophie reminds Marianne of a time when they studied the methods of Byron Katie. Here is a link to her website. 

One of the questions we have for you, our listeners, is this.

How do you deal with frustrations in your life?

What helps you to find inner peace?

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Sophie & Marianne