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An authentic conversation about life.

Let's talk about EVERYTHING...

body, mind, emotions, spirit.


Explore SoMa: Authentic Conversation, Timeless Friendship, Boundless Wisdom.

Come hang out with Sophie and Marianne as they take you on authentic conversations about life.

SoMa is the contraction of their name but also refers to Vedic mythical figures chasing strength, wisdom, and eternal life through an elixir called Soma. Are we not all looking to have a meaningful and fulfilled life?

With their humor and appreciation for themselves, Sophie and Marianne navigate life's ups and downs and share some deep insight along the way.

Straight out of Europe, these two long-time friends, have traveled far and wide, bringing a mix of different cultures and experiences to their chats. From their love of yoga to whatever else catches their fancy, SoMa promises to be a wild ride you won't want to miss!