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Dec 20, 2023

Marianne is sitting on the sofa with her foot up, looking at a mess all around her.


Why, oh why, is she just sitting there?


Because she didn’t listen!! Didn’t listen to her body.


While packing the car for a trip, she dropped a full metal water bottle on her foot. While it hurt like hell in the moment, she soon forgot about it while sitting in the car, not using her foot at all, and filling her mind and soul by drinking in the beautiful countryside.


A week spend with family, friends, walking, talking, and being happy added to suppressing the memory of that heavy bottle falling on her foot.


Yes, there was pain - but first, she was too busy ignoring that pain. Then, her mind went to exploring (and getting paranoid about) the different possible causes of said pain.


Back on the Rez, on her way to the doctor, the water bottle incident came back to her. 


The cure the doctor recommended was elevate, ice, compress - stay off your feet for a week.


Hence, Marianne is sitting on the sofa with her feet up, waiting for better days.


Sophie, timely as ever, just read a book on how sometimes our mind plays tricks on us. In this case, Marianne did not listen to her body telling her to take care of that foot, which made the situation worse.


As always, Sophie has pearls of wisdom to share.


  • We create our own stress in our mind
  • If the house gets cleaned later, it is not that much more work.
  • Adjust the mind to make healing the first priority, and such make peace with everything else that will have to wait.


And let’s be honest. The minute something was cleaned, it gets dirty again….


Adjusting your mental agitate is not a one-time thing. We have to remind ourselves over and over again what we want to think and feel instead of the negative thoughts that pop up.


While Marianne came back full of energy to jump into action to reorganize and adjust life for another year away from home - only to find herself on the couch, Sophie invites her to use that time for planning, clarity work, and of course, some knitting. 


A Sophie wisdom: All experiences are there for us to grow.


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Sophie & Marianne