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Aug 12, 2023

We all will experience grief many times throughout our lives. Sophie recorded a meditation designed to help us move through the phases of grief and is making it available to our Patrons. 

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Sophie took an unexpected trip to France. Her brother in Law had suddenly died.

First, she felt resistance to traveling with her husband until she realized that she didn’t want to relive the grief she felt when her mother passed six years ago.

Once in France, she felt that her presence and the emotional support she could give to her in-law family was not only supportive to them but also freed her husband to deal with his emotions.

Many years ago, Marianne’s mother died, and she had to make a similar decision - to go or not to go.

She is glad she went and had the chance to say goodbye. 

Also, coming together with her siblings and making a pact to get along was a healing experience for the family.

While there, she attended a workshop on death and dying and came out with a death-positive attitude.

Some of the things she learned:

  • Dying people like a firm touch. A light touch feels irritating.
  • The Living sometimes need to give permission to the dying person to leave.

Sophie mentioned this book she had just read. 


The Need of the Dying by David Kessler


Please support your independent bookstores. If you don’t, they will be gone.

If you want to know how Marianne feels about the easy order solution that most people use,  listen to  Episode #4 - Find Good News.


Marianne recalls her own cancer experience and realizes that her current struggle is not with the fact that our lives have an end date but rather with the question of whether she is living her life well.

During the same time Sophie was mourning her brother-in-law, Marianne had to make the decision to end the life of her very sick dog.

Two small dogs looking at the camera

SoMa explore how grief impacts our lives and what we can do for ourselves to help us move to a happier space.

Sophie asks herself, if she died today, did she do everything she wanted to do?

Have you asked yourself that question? Please share your experience with us.


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Sophie & Marianne