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Let's talk about EVERYTHING, body, mind, emotions, spirit.

Jun 23, 2023

It took us a while to get started with our podcast. You will hear mentions of winter weather - yes, we know it is summer now.

A move into a new area brings about a certain amount of loneliness

Sophie shares strategies her son used when moving to a new city.

Sophie’s wisdom: Do what you love  - even if you have to do it alone. Waiting for someone to show up to do it with you is a sure way to feel lonely.

Self-care helps

We can be lonely in the middle of a lot of people if we don’t have the same interests.

Here is a link to a podcast dealing with loneliness. Hidden Brain 

Even small daily interactions can make a difference. Marianne used to have a small store, and many customers came to talk. Shoutout to small businesses everywhere. 

Sophie shares that one way to counter loneliness is to use touch - like playing with your hair, taking a hot shower, using essential oils, or even wearing clothing or accessories that bring up happy memories.

Oiling the body on a regular basis has so many benefits. Marianne learned that she should be using sesame oil since she tends to feel cold very easily. 

Coconut oil is great for people who feel hot most of the time.

Oil before a shower, but be careful since things can get slippery.

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