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Apr 8, 2024

Hope and Fear

Quote by Maya Angelou: “Hope and Fear can not occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.”


Before we dive into the content of this episode - we are having a raffle on Patreon for all of our supporters!

This time, the prize will be a custom hand-knit pair of socks! 

Find out more here:

Who Wants a Pair of Hand Knit Socks?

Mar 6, 2024

a colorful pair of hand knit socks
As many of you might know, Marianne is passionate about knitting. Handmade socks are a treasure and fun to wear and to show off.
Sophie and Marianne thought it would be fun for us and for our Patrons to share the joy of handmade items with our supporters.
Here is what we came up with. We will have a raffle for a...

Feb 29, 2024

Sophie has studied Ayurveda for many years now and has a website all about the art of living the Ayurvedic way.

On this website, she has a link to a test Marianne took.

In this conversation, Sophie is going over some of the basics of Ayurveda and how to apply the principles to our daily lives.


You can find the test...

Jan 31, 2024

Learn something new no matter your age.


Sophie’s friend had a drum and it was love at first sight.

Before you know it, Sophie also had a drum.


This is the story of a girl and her drum lol


After exploring the usual channels we learn these days - YouTube and other internet resources, Sophie decided to find a...

Dec 20, 2023

Marianne is sitting on the sofa with her foot up, looking at a mess all around her.


Why, oh why, is she just sitting there?


Because she didn’t listen!! Didn’t listen to her body.


While packing the car for a trip, she dropped a full metal water bottle on her foot. While it hurt like hell in the moment, she soon...